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Steam Clean Carpet Service

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Gallery of Before and After Images
Below are genuine video and stills of work in progress

These may not be the best quality (being taken with mobile phones) but they do illlustrate the sort of results we achieve on a daily basis. Try us - you'll soon see the difference.



(Above) Before image of dirty kitchen threshold

This picture shows the entrance area to a kitchen as it appears during the cleaning process. Very hot steam under high pressure combined with mild detergents and powerul vacuum recovery will clean this area quickly and effectively.

After image of dirty kitchen threshold

Within minutes the dirt, grime and greasy soil has been steamed off the carpet and extracted back to the waste tanks on the van, leaving the carpet slightly damp but never wet.

(Above) Actual image of cleaning in progress

Often the area most in need of steam cleaning is just outside the entrance to your kitchen or where major traffic lanes lead from hard floors into carpetted living areas.
Cleaning in progress on a rental property

There are exceptions but generally people do not treat rental properties the way they treat their own homes. Do you replace the carpet just to have it made dirty again? Steam cleaning can make it perfectly acceptable for new tenants. Have it written into your tenants' agreement that they must have the carpets steam cleaned by a truck mounted operator.
Cleaning in progress on a domestic property

This kitchen threshold is not only dirty and greasy but is also showing some signs of wear due to extra traffic - steam cleaning will not remedy this directly but it will restore the pile to something approaching its pristine state.
Another day, another grubby threshold!
The difference between a professional truck mount unit and less powerful systems is the heat used in the clean and the amount of rinse water we sluice through the carpet fibres during our cleans. Firstly, this gives a much better result and secondly it prevents re-soiling due to excess cleaning solution being left behind. This can attract new soil and make the carpets look dirty again very quickly.
Before and after upholstery cleaning

Often it is newsprint and grubby hands that disfigures the appearance of your upholstered furniture. We are experienced in bringing furniture back from the threat of disposal!
Before and after upholstery cleaning

This gentleman's chair came from a perfectly respectable house but the lady of the house was convinced it would not clean up. We took it away, took it to pieces, cleaned it and proved her wrong - they were both delighted!
Work in progress upholstery cleaning

Dramatic results can be achieved by the application of chemical pre-sprays combined with hot rinse and simultaneous vacuum.
Before and after carpet cleaning
This synthetic carpet was sorely in need of restoration - the despairing homeowner had actually considered ripping the carpets out and throwing them away!
Before and after carpet cleaning

With the right application of the correct carpet cleaning solutions we worked our magic, steam cleaning arts and saved the day! The owner was absolutely delighted.
Before red wine stain removal
Red wine stains on a wool carpet like this can be difficult to remove. Make sure you remove as much as possible right away with white terry towels or plain paper towels. Keep the stain damp with tepid water as you continue to blot the spill out.
After red wine stain removal

Most serious stains can be corrected to some extent although they may have a permanent element and wine has the potential to do this. Carry out as much blotting as you can and then call in a professional. These before and after pictures are from a recent stain removal job.
(Above) Typical set-up for carpet cleaning in an apartment
Powerful truck mount systems can operate 150 feet away from the vehicle with no discernible loss of vacuum. Clean water is stored on board and very hot steam and vacuum power is generated by the industrial engine.
Another domestic set-up for steam cleaning house carpets
With whole house carpet cleans the vehicle will need to be connected to an outside tap to supply the on board water tank. Dirty water/waste slurry is returned to a sealed vessel on the vehicle.