These are some of the most frequently asked questions we hear on a daily basis from our clients

How long do the carpets take to dry?

It depends on the fibre and how dirty they are, sometimes it may only take an hour but generally between 2 to 3 hours. They will be slightly damp - but never wet!

What sort of chemicals do you use?

We mostly use soapy, water-based alkaline solutions as a pre-spray and a mildly acidic steam/hot water rinse. These chemicals are all water-based, perfectly safe and bio-degradable but we also offer natural/eco soap-free alternatives or we can just clean with steam if you are sensitive to chemical residues. Safety Data sheets are available for all our treatments - just ask!

Do I need to move all my furniture?

We are happy to move occasional funiture including suites, tables and beds etc. Heavy furniture such as well-laden sideboards and bookshelves can be unloaded prior to our visit or we can clean upto and around items that are not usually moved. The priority is to clean traffic lanes and the carpeted areas that you live on thoroughly! Moving a bookcase that has been there since the carpet was new is not usually a high priority.

How long does upholstered furniture take to dry?

Again it very much depends on the main cover materials, but in general terms you should be prepared to leave the furniture in a warm but ventilated room for two or three hours or in some extreme cases overnight. Please try to plan ahead if you have visitors coming.

Do you operate as a franchised business?

No, we are a small private company. We can price our services competitively because we do not pay franchise fees. We use Prochem products because they are the UK's leading manufacturer of quality equipment and specialised chemicals for the carpet and upholstery cleaning industry. We also do not charge VAT as we are below the threshold for VAT. Two significant savings for you!

What do I need to do before your steam cleaning unit arrives?

Our powerful, truck-mounted cleaning machines are fixed securely in the vans. If possible we would like to park our vehicle (large Transit-sized vans) fairly adjacent to your front or side door. We will also usually need access to your garden/outside tap to supply our on-board freshwater tanks. We can operate from much further away but prefer to be in your driveway for safety reasons.

Do you have the appropriate insurance cover?

Yes we have the appropriate insurance for our normal business activities. In addition we are also insured for Treatment Risk to cover the remote possibility that a treatment damages a client's carpets or furnishings. See a copy of our current Insurance Certificate here