Commercial Kitchen Floor Cleaning

Our mobile unit uses high pressure and very hot steam solution combined with industrial-strength vacuum extraction to cut through and strip years of ingrained dirt and grease to leave tile and grout surfaces looking like new. It is a very quick and effective method and must be seen working to appreciate the power of our custom-built system.

Tile & Grout : Decks : Drives : Paths : Patios

We operate our flat surface cleaning service as a separate unit contained in a purpose-equipped van to meet all flat surface cleaning needs. Equipped with a powerful pressure washer and vacuum that can strip the dirt and grime from tile and grout, stone, concrete and wood to leave the surface in its original condition. We also colour-seal grout with Grout Perfect products.

The Revolutionary SX15 Tile & Grout Cleaner

We use this revolutionary tool to efficiently strip grease, grime and dirt and bring tile and grout back to its original condition. With high quality sealers and non-slip coatings your interior or exterior surfaces look new.

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