The Rotovac System

Combined with the high heat and powerful vacuum provided by our truck-mounts, Rotovac carpet restoration tools provide the best steam carpet cleaning money can buy. Normally we use what is called a manual scrub wand because it is the quickest, most effective way to deep clean your carpets. For most domestic situations the manual wand provides excellent results. On occasion, and where the length of pile allows, we offer our customers a Rotovac restoration carpet clean when the fibres have gone beyond the state where they can be cleaned effectively with a manual wand.

The Rotovac DHX carpet extractor is equipped with a variable head speed control which allows it to clean a wide variety of carpets, from office-type synthetics to plush wool-mix with rubber underlay. The Rotovac employs a patented process of rotary jet extraction cleaning. Each stainless steel cleaning head has three spray jets followed by three vacuum slots. Two high torque gear motors power the heads in a counter-rotating motion at upto 250 RPM to produce 1500 rotary cleaning passes per minute. The patented dome-shaped design of the cleaning heads completely encapsulates the spray jets and vacuum slots to create a 'steam clean chamber' cleaning zone with minimal heat loss and maximum vacuum. This powerful combination of contained heat, agitation and multiple rinsing passes create cleaning dynamics that cannot be equalled. The rotating heads look like this:


Why do you charge more for using the Rotovac system?

We charge a premium for this service because it can take twice as long to do a job as the process itself takes longer and we have to use a manual wand and a pile brush to re-align the pile after we have used the Rotovac. Matted traffic lanes and stubborn dirt can now be deep cleaned and the carpet fibre is restored with speed and efficiency. The Rotovac DHX has an amazing ability to impress customers as it restores heavily soiled carpet back to 'like-new' condition. Once seen in action customers often become converts to the Rotovac system and they always recommend us to their friends, family and business colleagues. The whole unit looks like this:

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